Exhibiting, Purchasing, Sources, and a Thank You

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the lithographs or etchings shown here, or if you would like more information, email Roger Bailey at baileyhaldane@msn.com.


Roger Bailey has considered the possibility of making available some or all of the Jack Beal and Sondra Freckelton prints, for gallery exhibition. If you are interested in presenting an exhibition of Jack's "Experimental Suite" or an exhibition of the Sondra Freckelton and Jack Beal lithograph prints shown on this web site, email Roger Bailey at baileyhaldane@msn.com.

Purchasing Prints

Prints shown on this site but not listed below are not currently for sale.

Jack Beal's Lithographs

Morning Meadow (white on black), 1973, $350
From Epano, 1996, $750
Landscape with Gate, 1997, $350
Still Life with Angels, 2002, $350

Sondra Freckleton's Lithographs

Glass Pears, 1993, $350
Pitcher, 1996, $350
Garden Landscape, 1997, $350
Jack, 1998, $350
Primrose Palette, 2002, $350

Jack Beal's Etchings

The dates listed for Jack Beal's etchings refer to the year the print was first proofed followed by the year the print was editioned.

Self-Portrait, Brooding, 1965/2004, $500
Self-Portrait, with Cap, drypoint, 1965/2004, $500
Three Elms, 1973/2004, $500
Dam and Stump, 1984/2004, $800
Barn From House, 1984/2004, $1,000
Pond, 1984/2004, $1,000
Dana and Sable, 1984/2004, $1,200
The Dark Pool, 1984/2004, $1,200
Chicken House, 1984/2004, $1,200
Peonies and Creek, 1984/2004, $1,200
Labor Studio, 1984/2004, $1,200


A website you may be interested in seeing has been designed by Mark Taggart as a special tribute to Jack Beal and features several of his paintings. 

Sondra Freckelton and Jack Beal created ten fine screenprints at Stewart & Stewart starting in 1984. Norm and Susan Stewart have been printing and publishing fine prints since 1980.

Several of Jack Beal's paintings may be seen at the George Adams Gallery at 525 W. 26th St., in New York City.

Thank You

This site was designed and built by Elisabeth Nicula.

Elisabeth is not only a fine web designer, she is a graphic artist, a printmaker, and she had prior knowledge of and respect for Jack Beal and Sondra Freckelton before we began this web site project.

For me, looking at and writing about these prints and photographs and notes, some from thirty and forty years ago, has been a very special experience, I sincerely thank Elisabeth Nicula for helping to bring it all together.

Roger Bailey, Canton, New York. July 5, 2014